Thank you for your interest in GreenStone Farms I. Below you will find an informational packet that may answer questions you have before investing in GreenStone Farms.


GreenStone Information Packet

Private Placement Memorandum

To invest, please complete the following steps: 

1- Fill out the Subscription Agreement Request and Land Survey Form below:


2- Complete and electronically sign the Subscription Agreement emailed to you via NitroSign. Refer to pages 26-30 on attached for specific questions about how to fill out the form. You will not receive a signed copy back from PIPESTONE until step 3 is completed below.

3- Deliver a wire transfer or check payable to “GreenStone Farms I, LLC” for the amount subscribed ($1.00 per acre) plus any wire transfer fees. You can mail your check to GreenStone Farms I, LLC – 1300 S. Hwy 75, Pipestone, MN 56164. For wiring instructions, click below. When submitting your wire request to the bank, please put a comment of your subscribed name in “additional information” so we can properly match your wire with your subscription agreement.

Contact Information:


For questions on the subscription agreement, please contact


For questions on GreenStone Farms, please contact

Molly Peterson


Click on the video below for a recorded meeting session: