Our team

Pipestone, MN

Evan Koep
Dr. Evan Koep
Information coming soon.
Todd Williams
Dr. Todd Williams
DVM Research
To many of you, Todd may be a familiar face. Todd has been a member of the staff of Pipestone Veterinary Services in Ottumwa, IA
Joseph Yaros
Dr. Joseph Yaros
DVM International & Parasitology
Joseph originally grew up in upstate New York with three twin brothers (a twin himself and younger twin brothers) on a 1000 ewe sheep farm.
Nicole Weber
Dr. Nicole Weber
DVM Pipestone
Dr. Nicole Weber has been with Pipestone Veterinary Services since 2006. She grew up on a farm just north of Granite Falls, MN. She completed
Spencer Wayne
Dr. Spencer Wayne
DVM Data/Stats
Dr. Spencer Wayne is originally from Albert Lea, MN. He attended the University of Minnesota’s College of Agriculture and later the College of Veterinary Medicine
Scott VanderPoel
Dr. Scott VanderPoel
DVM Pipestone
Dr. Scott VanderPoel grew up on a farm just south of Pipestone, MN. Throughout high school and college, he worked as part of the customer
Gordon Spronk
Dr. Gordon Spronk
DVM International
Dr. Gordon Spronk is a native of the Pipestone, Minnesota agricultural community. Upon completion of his education with a DVM degree at the College of
Adam Schelkopf
Dr. Adam Schelkopf
DVM Health & Production
Dr. Adam C. Schelkopf grew up in Dekalb, Illinois and gained an appreciation for swine medicine by following his father to vet calls and working
Gustavo Pizarro
Dr. Gustavo Pizarro
DVM Health & Production
Dr. Gustavo Pizarro graduated from Universidad Mayor in Santiago Chile in 1995 with his degree in Veterinary Medicine, and later in 2010 continued his education
Brent Pepin
Dr. Brent Pepin
DVM Pipestone
Dr. Brent Pepin is from central Minnesota and a 2014 graduate of Iowa State Veterinary School, where he obtained his Master’s degree in Veterinary Preventive
Carissa Odland
Dr. Carissa Odland
DVM Welfare
Dr. Carissa Odland is a graduate from the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine and joined Pipestone Veterinary Services and Pipestone System in 2009.
Joel Nerem
Dr. Joel Nerem
DVM Biosecurity
Dr. Joel Nerem joined Pipestone Veterinary Services and Pipestone System staff in July 2006, and comes with solid swine health experience. The West Union, Iowa,
Luke Minion
Dr. Luke Minion
DVM Business Admin
Dr. Luke Minion grew up in southwestern Minnesota and began his career with the Pipestone Veterinary Services in 2000 after graduating from the University of
Emily McDowell
Dr. Emily McDowell
DVM Welfare
Dr. McDowell received her D.V.M. in 2011 from Iowa State University. Emily strives to promote the swine industry, optimize productivity and sustainability, and shape the
Brett Kroeze
Dr. Brett Kroeze
DVM Pipestone
Dr. Brett Kroeze, a 2012 graduate of Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine, brings his family values of hard work and commitment to providing outstanding
Barry Kerkaert
Dr. Barry Kerkaert
DVM Health & Production
Dr. Barry Kerkaert is a native of southwestern Minnesota and started at Pipestone Veterinary Services after graduating from the College of Veterinary Medicine at the
Larry Goelz
Dr. Larry Goelz
DVM Pipestone
Dr. J. Larry Goelz grew up on a diversified livestock farm in southwestern Minnesota and joined the staff at Pipestone Veterinary Services in 1996 after
Monte Fuhrman
Dr. Monte Fuhrman
DVM Health & Production
Dr. Fuhrman is a native of Warner, SD and graduate of South Dakota State University and Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Since graduation,
Scott Dee
Dr. Scott Dee
DVM Research
Dr. Scott Dee joined Pipestone Veterinary Services in Pipestone in July of 2011. Before joining the clinic, Dr. Dee was a swine practitioner in Morris,
Jay Bobb
Dr. Jay Bobb
DVM Pipestone
Dr. J. D. Bobb is a native of North Dakota. After growing up on a sheep farm, Dr. Bobb attended North Dakota State University and

Independence, IA

Cameron Schmitt
Dr. Cameron Schmitt
DVM Health & Production
Dr. Cameron Schmitt was raised in central Iowa and is a second generation large animal veterinarian. Dr. Schmitt joined Pipestone Veterinary Services and Pipestone System
Douglas Peterschmidt
Dr. Douglas Peterschmidt
Dr. Douglas Peterschmidt graduated from Iowa State University with a B.S. in Animal Science in 1974 and a D.V.M. in 1978. He owned and managed
Bryan Myers
Dr. Bryan Myers
DVM Health & Production
Dr. Bryan Myers was born and raised in Lincoln, NE. Dr. Myers attended the University of Nebraska and graduated from Iowa State College of Veterinary
Cara Haden
Dr. Cara Haden
DVM Health & Production
Dr. Cara Haden grew up on her family's farm where she grew up helping with their farrow to finish swine farm. and has always had
Brenna Gray
Dr. Brenna Gray
Dr. Brenna Gray joined the Pipestone team officially this fall, but has been part of our family for much longer! Dr. Gray started her veterinary
Kathryn Franz
Dr. Kathryn Franz
Dr. Franz is a 2009 graduate of Iowa State, and lives just outside of Independence with her husband and three boys!

Ottumwa, IA

Leah I. Thies
Dr. Leah I. Thies
DVM Ottumwa
Dr. Leah I. Thies is a native of Des Moines and her husband Eric is a native of Newton, Iowa. Leah received her D.V.M. in
Steve B. Menke
Dr. Steve B. Menke
DVM Research
Dr. Steve B. Menke received his DVM. in 1976 from Iowa State University. Upon graduation, Dr. Menke went into private practice in Richland, Iowa. As
Breanna Estle
Dr. Breanna Estle
DVM Ottumwa
Dr. Breanna P. Estle received her D.V.M. in 2017 from Iowa State University. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Iowa State in 2013, majoring in

Sycamore, IL

Michael Schelkopf
Dr. Michael Schelkopf
DVM Health & Production
Dr. Michael Schelkopf is a Veterinarian specializing in swine medicine and production. As a native of Sycamore, Dr. Schelkopf attended Sycamore High School then continued
Charles Schelkopf
Dr. Charles Schelkopf
DVM Health & Production
Dr. Charles R. Schelkopf graduated with a B.S. degree from the University of Illinois. After completing his undergraduate studies, he went on to receive his
Steven Feuerbach
Dr. Steven Feuerbach
DVM Business Admin
Dr. Steven P. Feuerbach received his B.S. degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University in 1987. After completing his undergraduate studies, he continued at

Rensselar, IN

Wesley Lyons
Dr. Wesley Lyons
DVM Health & Production
Dr. Wesley Lyons received his Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from the University of Tennessee in 2010. He then attended the University of Tennessee
Andrew DeBoer
Dr. Andrew DeBoer
DVM Rennselar
Dr. Andrew DeBoer received his Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Trinity Christian College in 2014. He then attended Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine

Orange City, IA

Gawen Zomermaand
Dr. Gawen Zomermaand
Dr. Gawen Zomermaand is graduate of Iowa State University's undergraduate and D.V.M. programs. He has over 28 years of experience. Before practicing as a veterinarian,
Laura Vander Stelt
Dr. Laura Vander Stelt
Dr. Laura Vander Stelt received her B.A. in Biology Health Professions at Northwestern College in Orange City, IA and her D.V.M. from Iowa State University
AJ Smit
Dr. AJ Smit
Dr. AJ Smit was born and raised in Orange City, Iowa. He grew up with livestock and has always enjoyed being on the farm. Dr.
Jeff Blythe
Dr. Jeff Blythe
Dr. Jeff Blythe was raised on a crop and livestock farm in Williamsburg, Iowa. He then received his B.A in Biology from Central College in