A successful pig business operates at its highest profitability when Health, Management, Nutrition, Research, and Business are working together correctly.

The challenges and speed of business that independent producers face today are different than the generations before them.

By utilizing PIPESTONE’s world-renowned swine management services, resources and expertise, farmers today are creating the farms of tomorrow.

Pipestone swine management services help farmers today create the farms of tomorrow.



Founded in 1942 as a veterinary clinic, Pipestone has stayed true to its roots with a mission of Advancing Animal Care Every Day. Whether it’s your pet or livestock herd, their care is our top priority.

In 1942, Drs. E.A. Scweim and P.A. Pinkert founded the Pipestone Veterinary Clinic. Today, Pipestone Veterinary Services has thirty-four veterinarians and six clinic locations. Whether it’s your pet, cattle, or swine herd, their care has remained our top priority.

Working with Family Farmers

The Vromans

“PIPESTONE has grown to a size where they can provide a lot of opportunities and services to independent growers that allow us to do things we wouldn’t be able to do on our own,” he said. “They have been innovative in the services they provide, which has allowed our operation to grow faster than we ever imagined we could.”

Mike Ver Steeg

“I now have a consistent supply of healthy pigs that are born and started in modern facilities, and am able to finish more pigs per year,” he said. “I’m the last of this generation of my family that is still farming. I see this investment as a way for the next generation to get started if they decide to enter farming.”

Ryan Weinkauf

“Without PIPESTONE’s resources, I would not be where I am today. I believe they have made me a better producer.”