Running a competitive pig farm today takes accurate production and financial information, business acumen and strategy. Utilize Pipestone Business Services’ resources and expertise in the pig business to help you make decisions with cash flow planning, financial management, operational growth, business succession and more.


FarmBooks is designed for those with accounting needs in their farm business. Whether you are simply looking for occasional accounting assistance or would like someone to completely handle the books for you, FarmBooks provides you access to the following services:

  • Robust accounting software options tailored for farm operations
  • Accounting software setup and onboarding
  • Standard Operating Procedures for the accounting function
  • Access to qualified accounting team members who will:
    • Record accounts payable and vendor checks
    • Record accounts receivable and customer deposits
    • Manage daily cash flow
    • Account for inventory
    • Account for fixed assets
    • Reconcile accounts and prepare period closing entries
    • Prepare financial statements
  • Access to financial team members who will:
    • Review financial statements
    • Analyze production costs
    • Prepare budgeting and variance analysis
    • Provide information to your CPA for tax planning and preparation

Farm Biz

Farm Biz offers consultation services for your pig business. Gain insight from experienced Pipestone leaders on topics such as succession planning, financial planning, and strategies for operational growth. Farm Biz includes three consultation sessions per year and can be crafted to meet your business objectives.

For questions on Pipestone Business Services’ offerings, please contact Jim Marzolf at