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FarmBooks is an accounting platform meticulously crafted by Pipestone Business, tailored specifically to meet the needs of pork producers. With FarmBooks, you can expect precise monthly financial reports that detail the costs associated with both pigs and crops, empowering you to manage your finances with ease and precision. Our team is dedicated to not only setting up your accounting system but also providing personalized coaching to ensure seamless daily transaction recording and monthly book closures. By choosing FarmBooks, you gain access to reliable financial insights essential for proactive business management and effective communication with your lenders and stakeholders. Our services enable you to make informed decisions, mitigate financial risks, utilize benchmarking for optimization opportunities, and ultimately enhance your farm’s financial health and profitability.

Benefits & Value


Gain access to meticulously compiled financial reports, ensuring accuracy and reliability for informed decision-making.


Utilize industry benchmarks to compare production costs, pinpointing areas for optimization and enhancing competitive advantage.


Receive personalized guidance from expert advisors, identifying opportunities for growth and efficiency within your operations from your financial reports.

How It Works

FarmBooks offers two streamlined options tailored to suit your preferences and needs:

  • Full-service option: Leave the accounting tasks to us. We handle everything from receiving bills to cutting checks, reconciling bank statements, and compiling financial reports, providing you with hassle-free financial management.
  • Farmer-led option: Take control of your accounting process with our guidance. We train you to input data into our intuitive software, empowering you to manage bill payments, bank reconciliations, and more. At the end of each month, we compile your financial reports, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all entities.

At FarmBooks, we’re committed to simplifying accounting complexities, empowering farmers to navigate financial challenges with confidence. Join us today and experience the transformative power of proactive financial management for your farm.

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In this episode of SwineTime, host, Dr. Spencer Wayne, sits down with Damon Vander Maten, Director of FarmBooks for Pipestone Business. Dr. Wayne and Damon talk about the accounting demands on producers and define what it means to be financially sustainable. He explains how the FarmBooks program came to be and what value it provides an operation.



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