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At FarmTeam, we specialize in co-management solutions tailored for independent pork producers. We understand the ongoing struggle of finding dependable and dedicated employees for grow/finish operations. That’s why we’re here to help alleviate your labor challenges by sourcing qualified farm employees specifically for grow-finish teams. Every FarmTeam member undergoes comprehensive grow-finish pig care training before being placed on your farm, where you serve as their supervisor while PIPESTONE remains their employer. We believe this setup offers the best of both worlds for pork producers, providing access to skilled employees while maintaining control and oversight over your operations.

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We understand every farm is different and has different staffing needs. That’s why we utilize our experience and resources to match you with a candidate that meets your specific needs. Domestic and international (TN Visa)’s are recruited and hired by PIPESTONE.  PIPESTONE coordinates all of the travel for the new team members and picks the team member up from the airport to begin training.
All new FarmTeam employees undergo training led by our experienced PIPESTONE staff.  Training is broken into 3 categories: 1. Completing paperwork (Bank accounts, SSN, etc.), 2. Introduction to pig production through hands-on experience focused on the FarmTeam standard operating procedures for grow-finish pig care, 3. vetting that the employee is a good fit for your specific job description. Through hands-on learning, they gain essential skills and knowledge to ensure pig well-being and growth. Our goal is to equip each member to excel in their roles and contribute to your grow-finish operations’ success.
Through your on-boarding process you are matched with a team member that fits the job description and goals of your operation.  You have an opportunity to meet the team member either in-person or through a webinar.  Once a trained and experienced candidate is selected, they will be assigned to your farm, with you as their direct supervisor. PIPESTONE assumes the role of co-manager, handling payroll, benefits administration, ensuring the employee’s eligibility for non-immigrant work status, overseeing worksite and safety compliance, and evaluating the employee’s performance after a 90-day probationary period.

How It Works

We know many people have questions about FarmTeam. Browse these Frequently Asked Questions for answers.
What is a TN Visa Employee?

A TN visa employee is a foreign national from Mexico who is authorized to work in the United States under the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) treaty. This visa category allows individuals to engage in specific professional activities, provided they meet the educational and professional requirements outlined in the agreement.

TN visa holders can typically stay in the U.S. for an initial period of up to three years, with the option to renew their visa indefinitely in three-year increments as long as they continue to meet the eligibility criteria.

I don’t speak Spanish, how do I handle the language barrier with my team member?
FarmTeam members have a varying degree of English capabilities with most team members having a base comprehension of English but limited experience with speaking and listening in English.   During training FarmTeam members are encouraged to become comfortable with technology solutions  while they are interacting with their English-speaking trainers.  These translation apps and online communication platforms can assist in bridging any language gaps and facilitating seamless interaction between team members. Becoming disciplined in setting schedules for repetitive responsibilities is a great way to aid in clear communication.
What jobs can my FarmTeam member do for me?

Your FarmTeam member can offer support and assistance in various aspects of your farm operations. From caring for your grow-finish pigs to ensuring optimal productivity and efficiency, FarmTeam members undergo comprehensive training to handle tasks such as feeding, monitoring health, and maintaining clean and safe environments for the animals. Additionally, they can assist with general farm maintenance and upkeep, helping to streamline daily tasks and alleviate workload pressures. With their dedication and expertise, FarmTeam members contribute to the smooth functioning of your farm, allowing you to focus on strategic decision-making and overall farm management.

How quickly can FarmTeam onboard your member to contribute to your operations?
FarmTeam works to place a team member according to your timeline.  New team members are arriving monthly and entering into the training program in Pipestone Minnesota.  Filling the open position at your farm is dependent on you having a job description completed so the FarmTeam management team can work to match you with a team member and move towards introductions.

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