Episode #63: Industry Insights: Health Threats and Global Trade


In this episode of SwineTime, host Dr. Spencer Wayne dives into critical health issues and their impact on industry relations and trade with guests Terry Wolters, VP of Customer & Industry Relations with PIPESTONE, and Dr. Joel Nerem, a practicing veterinarian and Director of Industry Relations with Pipestone Veterinary Services. The discussion centers around the global spread of African Swine Fever, which has reached more countries in the past five years, underscoring the need for ongoing vigilance. The episode also addresses the implications of High Path Avian Influenza, especially its cross-species transmission risks, and the importance of biosecurity measures.

Wolters and Dr. Nerem highlight the crucial role of health-related efforts in maintaining trade channels, which constitute 25% of total production, emphasizing the necessity of preserving these channels amidst health challenges. They stress the significance of traceability in managing outbreaks of foreign animal diseases, detailing its pivotal role in current disease prevention and control strategies. The conversation also touches on trade agreements between countries.

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