Production Staffing

What We Do

Pork producers continue to tell us that hiring reliable and hard-working employees is a real challenge to their grow/finish operation. FarmTeam aims to help farmers address their labor challenges by sourcing qualified farm employees for grow/finish teams.

We start all new FarmTeam employees in a team-based environment where PIPESTONE staff provides grow/finish pig care training based on the FarmTeam standard operating procedures. As our new team members gain basic grow/finish experience, we place them on your farm where you are their supervisor while PIPESTONE remains their employer.

From our perspective, it’s the best of both worlds for pork producers!



Our Team

Dan Hanson

Dan Hanson

Director of FarmTeam

Giovanna Penuelas

Giovanna Penuelas

FarmTeam Coordinator

How It Works

1) Contact Us

Contact Dan Hanson to learn more:
(507) 215-7796

2) Schedule a Meeting

Dan and Giovanna will schedule a time to meet with you to learn about your operation and your needs. They’ll share the FarmTeam process and answer any questions you might have.

3) Introduce your new Team member to your operation

Okay, we might be skipping a few steps here, but this will be the end result! FarmTeam will walk with you every step of the way, providing support for both the producer and the team member.



Support & Solutions with FarmTeam

Hanson, the Director of FarmTeam, highlights the benefits for producers and the steps taken by FarmTeam to ensure a successful experience for both parties. Penuelas, FarmTeam Coordinator, speaks to common challenges a TN might face when moving to the U.S. and how she supports their transition.


Providing Solutions for Independent Pork Producers

Rick and Preston Maurer attribute increased performance to FarmTeam. Read more about how the experience has changed their operation for the better.