Podcast 18 Question and Answer session with Luke Minion CEO of Pipestone

While there ‘feels’ like tremendous change has taken place within the pork industry industry, producers have becoming increasingly aware of the industry’s growing dependence upon the export market.


Because farmers face many different issues, Dr. Spencer Wayne obtains answers to questions submitted from producers during this podcast interview with Dr. Luke Minion, Pipestone’s CEO.


A well-known and respected individual within the pork industry, Dr. Minion grew up in southwestern Minnesota and began his career with Pipestone Veterinary Services in 2000 following graduation from the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine.


With a keen eye on production animal science and management, Dr. Minion details the viability of the pork industry moving forward, the biggest challenges for farmers and the possible solutions to overcome them, major advancements within the industry and what truly drives Pipestone’s ability to serve its customers now and in the future.


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