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Agriculture Education

Discovery Barns

Agriculture education is an area of focus we utilize to help increase the communication between the farmer and the consumer. The Pipestone Discovery Barns serve as agricultural learning opportunities in 9 different county and state fairs in Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota. Highlights of Discovery Barns include: sows giving birth, wean piglets, chickens laying eggs, chicks hatching, dairy calves, cow milking demonstrations and many static educational displays. 

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Pipestone County, MN  •  Rock County, MN  •  Lyon County, MN  •  Brown County, SD

Clinton County, IA  •  Plymouth County, IA  •  Murray County, MN

Sioux Empire Fair, SD  •  Buchanan County, IA

Washington Pavilion- “Grow It!”

PIPESTONE is excited to announce their sponsorship of the new agriculture-themed exhibits on the new “Grow It!” floor at the Washington Pavilion Kirby Science Center in Sioux Falls, SD. “Grow It!” features 3,000 square feet of new agriculture-themed exhibits as part of the center’s third floor dedicated to the state of South Dakota.   “Grow It!” offers new hands-on experience that will inspire children to connect, engage and learn while having fun. PIPESTONE is proud to sponsor the Pipestone Marketplace where they can stock the shelves straight from the crop field next door, shop and checkout with some delicious bacon.

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Pipestone Discovery

Pipestone Discovery

Agriculture is all around you from food that you eat, clothes that wear, and much more! Discovery more about this industry and how it is all around you!

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