Fall Barn Prep Checklist

Fall is upon us, and with the change of season it’s time to prep our barns for cooler temperatures.  Fall is undoubtedly a busy time of the year with harvest around the corner.  Our fall checklist will ensure all your bases are covered with some tips and tricks along the way.


______ All heaters cleaned out. This means cleaning all of the dust off the control valve
and wiring in the heater box. If using compressed air, the gas valve must be turned 
off and pilot light extinguished prior to blowing!

______Before closing soffit doors on the North and West side of the barns, clean the screens off
with a broom or hand brush.

______ Repair any torn or damaged screens.  Wear eye protection!

______ Tunnel Ventilated Barns: Curtains and cooling cells serviced and ready to operate.   checklist

______ Suggestion: Bubble wrap curtain area when placing
small pigs in fall.

______ Fan covers in place on small pigs.


______ Send in your generator test run log for year to date.

______ Slide on radiator exhaust has been moved from summer to winter setting.
(This means the slide on the radiator is blocking the hot air from going into the
hallway.  Exhaust needs to go to the outside of the building.
Not all farms have these slides.)


_____ Test your alarm system.

General Barn Maintenance

_____ All garbage, tree branches, trash picked up, etc.

_____ All feed spills cleaned up, bin pads pressure washed if needed.

_____ Mouse bait stations checked and baited. (outside and inside)

_____ All pit covers sealed with Expand-A-Form, to prevent drafting.

_____ Pit fans clean out for best efficiency.

Questions?  Or if you need some additional help in the barn during harvest season,
contact Jenna Jacobs with Pipestone Grow Finish at 507.825.7053 or jenna.jacobs@pipestone.com.