Dr. Gustavo Pizarro

Dr. Gustavo Pizarro

President, Pipestone Latin America

Dr. Gustavo Pizarro graduated from Universidad Mayor in Santiago Chile in 1995 with his degree in Veterinary Medicine, and later in 2010 continued his education by completing his Bachelor Degree in Agriculture Business Administration at the Universidad Catolica of Chile.

He joined PIC right after school in 1996 focusing on swine production processes, reproduction programs and international business. In 2004, Dr. Pizarro worked as a PIC USA production specialist for 3 years in Pipestone. He returned to Chile for six years working for PIC Andina Technical Services and then as the South American Region’s business manager.

Dr. Pizarro joined Pipestone Veterinary Services and Pipestone Management in 2012 and moved to the U.S. with his family.

He currently serves as Technical Service Director of Pipestone Management and as President of Pipestone Latin America. Gus enjoys cooking and spending time with his wife Loreto and kids Amanda, Raimundo, and Emma Luisa.