SwineTime Podcast Episode 30: Meticulous Design, Execution and Analysis of Swine Research

Designed for innovative knowledge generation, Pipestone Applied Research focuses on production-driven research to develop practical solutions to relevant problems. Since 2009, Pipestone Research has been committed to providing industry-leading and relevant information on swine health, genetics, nutrition, production, and sustainability.

SwineTime Podcast Host, Dr. Spencer Wayne, visits with PIPESTONE’s Director of Research Operations, Dan Hanson, in the 30th episode.

Join in as Dan Hanson provides an overview of PIPESTONE’s research model, capabilities, and expertise; as well as gain an inside look into the top 10 research takeaways of 2021.


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SwineTime podcast was created for the pork industry and individual pork producers around the country. Hosted by Dr. Spencer Wayne with Pipestone Veterinary Services, the podcast contains pork industry news, advancements in animal care and how to enhance your productivity. Monthly podcasts are available on Spotify, Google Music, ITunes, Anchor and on Pipestone.com.