Learn More About PigVet

Improving Pig Health and Performance

Because herd health can drastically impact the performance and profitability of your business, PIPESTONE is now offering PigVet.

PigVet is a monthly subscription program that delivers a proactive approach to work with your pig veterinarian to implement preventative strategies specific to your herd and maximize your profits.

Every PigVet subscription includes:

  • Three scheduled veterinarian visits per year (mileage and emergency visits extra)
  • Herd health / Sow farm health check.
  • Vaccination schedule review.
  • Biosecurity audit.
  • Animal health budget review.
  • PQA/TQA compliance materials, training, and site assessments.
  • PAR research review.
  • Records review/Benchmarking

PigVet Add-Ons

  • $100/Month for each additional scheduled vet visit/year.

(Pipestone Antibiotic Resistance Tracker for $83.33 per month).

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