Pipestone Management

Pipestone Management strives to provide a consistent, high-health wean pig supply that allows farmers to maintain ownership while focusing their time at home.
Founded in 1988, Pipestone Management has grown and now manages over 80 sow farms for family farmers across the Midwest.
Independent pig farmers face challenges different than the generations before them, and managing a successful pig business is both labor and capital intensive. Pipestone Management offers farrow-to-finish management services to help pig farmers compete and grow in a consolidating industry.
Pipestone Management also offers wean pig facilitation, facility design and oversight, and biosecure wean pig transportation.

Sow Management

With PIPESTONE Management, family farmers invest with like-minded farmers in a PIPESTONE-managed sow farm. Each owner receives a healthy allotment of pigs based on shares owned and their preferred schedule.

This world-class sow management company is driven by a professional management team, focused on animal health and production.

Employees are hired, trained, compensated, and motivated through Pipestone Management. PIPESTONE also provides animal health products, feed, veterinary services, and employee benefit packages, offering a more cost-effective system.

Meet the Farmers

“The way we were farrowing… it would’ve been tough to compete with the efficiencies of the large producer and
PIPESTONE allows us to do that and hopefully pass this farm on to the next generation.” – Ben Bader


“Pipestone Management was our avenue to get large blocks of good healthy pigs within a weeks age span.” – Dennis Fultz

“Back when we used to raise hogs it was erysipelas, rhinitis, things that with the Pipestone Management we can completely do away with.
The biosecurities that the Pipestone Management has put forward to our sow farms are top notch.” – John Jones

“Working with PIPESTONE has allowed us to associate with like-minded people who want to get better both individually and together.” – Don Buhl