Pipestone Veterinary Service

Pipestone Veterinary Services is helping pig farmers by providing resources and expertise in health.

At Pipestone Veterinary Services we offer variable levels of swine consulting and veterinary services to best suit your operation. At each level, our veterinarians can help you make critical decisions about animal health, productivity, and profitability.

As a customer of Pipestone Veterinary Services, you have access to a wide range of swine health products and supplies, including everything needed to run your operation. Inventory is stored in our 30,000 square-foot warehouse, assuring you of a consistent supply, and our bio-secure delivery truck is available for large orders.

In addition, we’ll work with you to develop a product and supply budget and monitor the actual versus budgeted amounts, helping your expenditures stay on track. By knowing your operation and what products you use, we’ll know what to recommend. And we’ll never try to sell you products you don’t need or that fall outside your budget.

Veterinary Services

Conducting health assessments, diagnostics, disease monitoring, health and vaccination programs, providing diagnostic expertise, health certificate issuance and reproductive/genetic consulting. PIPESTONE is licensed in CO/IL/IN/IA/KS/KY/MI/MN/MO/NE/ND/OH/SD/WI

Our Veterinarians


PIPESTONE can educate your employees on topics Such as Animal Welfare, Packer Compliance and how to obtain/maintain PQA/TQA certification. In addition, PIPESTONE can provide Common Industry Audit Support to you entire operations team


Pipestone Applied Research conduct world renowned and published research trials on genetics and production in PIPESTONE’S multiple research barns. With access to these trials, our veterinarians come to your farm with research-based recommendations.

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PIPESTONE provides expertise in biosecurity training, site evaluation, PRRS transmission mapping and transport risk reviews for your farm. Animal health products purchased from Pipestone Veterinary Services (convenient online ordering click here) are warehoused in a biosecure warehouse and biosecure product delivery options are available.

Antibiotic Tracking

Pipestone Antibiotic Resistance Tracker (PART) is a tool used for tracking and analyzing antibiotic use and resistance patterns. Simply put, PART helps farmers Record, Review, and Respond for the Responsible Use of Antibiotics.

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Is a monthly subscription program that delivers a proactive approach to work with your vet to implement preventative strategies specific to your herd and maximize your profits. Your subscription provides three scheduled vet visits per year and includes:

• Heard Health / Sow Farm Health Review
• Vaccination Schedule / Biosecurity Audit
• PQA-TQA Training / PAR Research Review

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