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Since 2009, Pipestone Research has been committed to providing industry-leading relevant information on swine health, genetics, nutrition, production, and sustainability.

Our Research Vision

To assist pig producers and swine industry companies by providing practical science-based recommendations.

Our Research Mission

To make discoveries that not only immediately impacts farming practices, but also assists in the development of future practices to improve herd health, productivity, profitability, and sustainability.

Having a global presence in the swine industry positions us for the monitoring of disease and emerging technologies. Our extensive industry presence allows us to discover ways to advance science and production by improving welfare, health, and sustainability in a ONE health approach.

Our discoveries result in the generation of new proof of concept, pre-clinical, clinical, and applied trials using validated challenge models. These trials are sourced with the appropriate animals and facilities in the appropriate geographic region to answer the question at hand.

Our Swine Research Expertise

Utilizing the expertise of 15+ swine industry professionals with advanced degrees,  Pipestone Research prides itself on being considered an industry expert in the fields of antibiotic resistance, foreign animal disease, genetics, farm management, swine production, and sustainability.


Pipestone Applied Research

Applied Research

Pipestone Applied Research (PAR) focuses on commercial-scaled research projects to develop practical solutions to relevant problems.

Pipestone Contract Research

Contract Research

Pipestone Contract Research assists companies who provide solutions to the pig industry with an experienced team executing reliable, accurate and controlled research trials.

Swine Research Innovation Hub

Innovation Hub

Our extensive internal collaboration has resulted in some of the leading innovative findings within the swine industry.

Our Swine Research Capabilities

With the resources of multiple research barns, 80+ sow farms and multiple clients with various types of facilities across 10 states, we are able to test protocol across 3 geographic regions simultaneously. Our locations within the “Animal Health Corridor” and between 3 major Swine Diagnostic Laboratories and Universities allows for quick access to additional collaboration, diagnostics and challenge prep if needed.

The Pipestone Research team is scalable to any size trial or study to accurately, quickly, efficiently and effectively conduct and conclude research relating to nearly every aspect of pig farming and swine management practices.

Sound science changes the agricultural world and Pipestone Research is proud to be one of the leaders.

Our Fundamental Pillars of Research

While PIPESTONE has conducted research for independent farmers, cooperatives, product manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies, swine research is only as good as the validity of the research.

Pipestone Research utilizes 5 foundational pillars as the basis for every undertaking and it’s our adherence to theses pillars that enables us to accurately arrive at conclusions impacting the swine industry today and tomorrow:

  • Data Integrity
  • Timeliness
  • Communication
  • Animal Care
  • Facility Quality

Our extensive swine industry surveillance capability coupled with the proficiency of sourcing facilities and animals, the Pipestone Research team is able to execute trials leading to the discovery of advancements for both humans and animals.

We urge you to consider letting the Pipestone Research Team experience, innovation and results driven culture, help you today to improve your swine production tomorrow.