Pipestone Nutrition


Pipestone Nutrition is helping pig farmers by providing resources and expertise in Nutrition.

We provide economic-driven, feed ingredient procurement and performance-based diet formulations that fit both your operation and your bottom line.

Feed is the number one cost in pig production today and because of that it requires attention and focus by an expert.

Pipestone Nutrition will provide validation of the nutrition performance by running head to head trials in state-of-the-art research facilities against what is considered the next best program.

Full trial results will be shared with the Pipestone Nutrition participants. Validation of biological and economic performance through state-of-the-art research facilities with full transparency of results are keys to the success of this program!

Aggregate Sourcing

To minimize input costs and maximize end profits we work with manufacturers and regional distributors to combine volume and obtain competitive pricing.

Quality Assurance

We conduct comprehensive mill audits to ensure continuous standards and quality control. This ensures you get the highest quality feed sources possible.

Third Party Validation

Our industry expert panel provides diet formulation review and research project development to help us capture areas of nutritional and economic gain.