Applied Research

Pipestone Applied Research

Pipestone Applied Research (PAR) focuses on relevant research under controlled conditions working collaboratively with each project sponsor, to develop practical solutions to relevant problems. Following meticulous design, execution, and analysis by our team of statisticians and researchers, outcomes and conclusions are shared with PIPESTONE customers and PAR subscribers.

Trials undertaken by the Pipestone Research team are carefully designed, executed, and analyzed to advance animal science, and improve animal health and welfare while maintaining a “ONE health focus”.

Trial selection and design based on industry relevance are guided by a Research Committee comprised of veterinarians, nutritionists, PIPESTONE business unit leaders, and statisticians.

The areas of our research expertise are:

  • Swine Health
  • Swine Genetics
  • Swine Nutrition
  • Swine Production
  • On-Farm Sustainability Practices

Designed for innovative knowledge generation, Pipestone Applied Research focuses on production-driven research through our multiple research barns to develop practical solutions to relevant problems.

With access to these peer-reviewed quality data and findings, PIPESTONE veterinarians come to your farm with science-based recommendations.  PAR subscribers are given visibility to these trial results and are provided access to our research team in a semi-annual trial review which results in them obtaining a competitive edge within the industry.

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