A proven safe and effective disinfecting alternative

Ag Forte Pro has been proven to improve sanitation and bio-security of pig barns and livestock transport trucks, while being safe and easy to use. It eliminates irritation to nose, eyes and skin, as well as reduces wash time and water use.

COVID-19 has brought biosecurity and disinfecting to the top of everyone’s minds; a practice pork producers have been focused on for years.

Whether it’s in the barn or trailer, a proper disinfecting protocol and product is essential to maintaining pig health.

We understand the important role disinfectants play; which is why when presented with a new option in the marketplace called Ag Forte, we wanted to see for ourselves how it stacked up to the competition.

New Disinfectant Shows Promising Results 

Studies were conducted by Pipestone Applied Research at t South Dakota State University to evaluate the efficacy of a novel cleaning agent (Ag Forte) versus the current industry standard (Synergize) against 3 significant swine viral pathogens using a contaminated transport model. Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS), Seneca Virus A (SVA), and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PEDv) were added to trailers, following mixing with feces and wood shavings to simulate a n empty trailer following the marketing of a load of pigs.

Ag Forte Pro was proven effective in breaking down contaminants without harsh chemicals. The product cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes all-in-one, while degreasing without harming most surfaces.

The results were not only promising, but surprising. Most importantly, it killed all three viruses equivocal to Synergize, but it was extremely easy to work with.

Providing less irritation to nose, eyes and skin, results show safety to humans and animals. Safety is something you cannot emphasize enough. Eye irritation has been reduced, and you cannot put a value on that.

Adding to the package, it was fast. Using less time and water, Ag Forte broke down organic matter quickly and effectively.

Additionally, with the recent Covid-19 outbreak, Atmosphere kills similar viruses to SARS-CoV-2, such as PEDV which is a coronavirus, when used in accordance with the directions on non-hard, non-porous surfaces.


  • Safe for people and animals
  • Eliminated harmful chemicals
  • Powerful cleaner
  • Improves sanitation
  • Decreases water use
  • Proven to kill viruses similar to Covid
Biosecurity Recommendations

Disinfecting is just one piece to biosecurity on a pig farm.  Below are some other areas to incorporate in your overall biosecurity plan:

  1. Vaccination schedules
  2. Consider air filtration
  3. Establishing a clean/dirty line
  4. Using booties when walking from your vehicle to the barn
  5. Disinfect your farm, trailers, and vehicles with products like Ag Forte
  6. Close the loop on pathogens entering the barn through feed transport, and consider adding an additive to your feed.

New technologies and products are coming out every year; which is why we recommend reviewing your biosecurity plan with your veterinarian annually.  For questions on the Ag Forte product, call the Pipestone Swine Resource team at 507.825.7447.

Dr. Scott Dee, Director of Research for Pipestone Applied Research