Communicating Your Story to Consumers

Today, consumers are asking more questions than ever about where their food comes from and how animals are cared for. As a farmer and agriculturalist, it is our responsibility to share our story.

To earn trust, communicating shared values is 3-5x more important than just sharing information. Consumers want to find shared values, such as having access to safe and healthy food, caring for the environment, and caring for animals.


How do you gain their trust and find mutually shared values?


Listen without judgement. Listen to the person with the intent to understand their concerns, priorities and values.


Ask questions to invite dialogue and clarify their perspective. Doing this will also help to understand more about that individual and why they are asking that question or have that concern. Asking questions will help to figure out what the shared values are.


Share your value-based perspective. Target their values when answering questions. Facts alone do not drive trust. Feelings and beliefs do. People listen to your facts after you have established mutual values.


Following these three simple steps will help you build trust while telling your story. As people consider their food choices, make them think of you with positive confidence when they are at the grocery store. In summary, seek shared values, invite conversation and emphasize that you CARE for your animals.


Article by: Alicia Place

Communications Coordinator, PIPESTONE