Enhance Nutrition Performance In Three Steps

We all know that nutrition is a key component to successful pig performance. So, what takes nutrition from good to better to best? A combination of formulation, ingredient procurement, and nutrition partnerships will set your farm up for a successful nutrition program.

 1. Formulation to perform

Formulation is an art form and takes an innate understanding of how to combine pig performance with economic advantages. To understand a pig’s nutritional needs, Pipestone Nutrition utilizes research, knowledge from industry allies, performance data, and most importantly having a “slat level” approach to nutrition.

What should a producer look for when looking at formulation? What makes a good formulation?

  • Let the pigs tell the story… Is performance meeting your expectations?
  • Concerned about feed costs? Evaluate current ingredient pricing and ask questions about potential formulation options.

Pipestone Nutrition continues to refine formulation by answering tough questions through our dedicated nutrition research and utilization of other facilities and in the field. We can now answer questions faster and enhance pig performance with more confidence.


2. Procurement to Perform

The next opportunity with potentially greater financial benefit is feed ingredient procurement. In 2017, Pipestone Nutrition started a group called Feed Partners with the goal of enhancing performance with competitive ingredient procurement. What started as a small group of 4 producers, has now grown into a 70-plus pig owner procurement group called Feed Partners. The Feed Partners team works to provide the most value to you, by working with reputable suppliers to find a high-quality product at a competitive price. Our unique and transparent approach to value sharing enhances the financial performance for the pig owners we work with.

Here are some things Pipestone Nutrition keeps in mind to procure the right products.

  • Conduct ingredient testing to make sure products meet nutrient specifications.
  • Routine facility audits for ingredient manufacturers.
  • Volume drives pricing. Feed Partners works to combine large volume to get the most competitive price.


3. Partnerships

Forming partnerships in the swine industry in more important than ever before. We feel that our consistency and transparency are two main attributes when forming a long-lasting partnership. You will often find that a larger nutrition company with multiple nutritionists will have different formulation philosophies. Our group’s goal is to remain cohesive by identifying improvement opportunities, conducting research, and deciding how to move forward. Everyone on the Pipestone Nutrition team has the same consensus and a consistent message is shared with every client. Transparency is a powerful word, and it has become one of the strongest attributes of Pipestone Nutrition. As one of our clients you will understand the investment in our nutrition program and the dividends it rewards you with.

Pipestone Nutrition exists to improve the producer’s profitability and performance in every aspect of nutrition. Enhancing performance is not only about the biological and financial performance of your swine business, but it should also include an understanding of the services you receive from a well-rounded, cohesive, and competitively driven nutrition team.


By: Jenna Hauglid

Nutrition and Procurement Supervisor, Pipestone Nutrition