PIPESTONE Sustainability: Safety

⇒ In support of our Core Values of integrity, caring, commitment, growth and teamwork, employee safety is our top priority. Along with the great responsibility we have of caring for our animals, we understand that there are inherent risks to people safety within the swine production industry. Supporting staff personally visit; various support groups personally visit providing recommendations for remediation of hazards and recognize teams for their efforts in promoting safety.

⇒ To provide a firm foundation for building a strong safety culture, we have an established safety committee, representing multiple areas of the business, including production, operations, companion animal and safety resources. The safety committee meets quarterly to identify key areas of risk, recognize employees and strengthen our safety culture. The safety committee focuses on key areas such as training, procedures, technology, and equipment use, while evaluating the overall safety program.

⇒ The Pipestone Safety Program includes robust safety training for all employees. Through our safety training platform, employees are provided with hands on and virtual training. Team members receive health and safety best practices to minimize the risk of injury or illness. Job specific safety training is hosted by managers, online classes, monthly quizzes and safety resources in the field. A few examples of training topics include: ergonomics, animal handling, safe needle use and lock out/tag out. Team members are also encouraged to share topics that may impact them in the work environment for future trainings.

⇒ The Pipestone Safety Program also includes an audit program designed to assist site managers and employees in identifying high risk areas that need improvement. Key resources are also available to guide employees on safe practices. Through our OSHA compliant Safety Program, we bring awareness to these risks and provide employees tools to prevent potential injuries specific to swine production work environments.