Supply Chain Crisis: Products

 The 2021 supply chain issues are well known. Various news publications speak to the challenge of logistics via air, ocean, road and rail, as well as the lack of labor and materials. From an animal health perspective, the availability of raw ingredients that make up many of the products we use, or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), has been subject to these same issues. Countries such as China, Spain and India are the primary providers of API and manufacturers in the United States and are scrambling to maintain inventory for finished good production. From penicillin to chlortetracycline and even minor ingredients like citric acid, supply chain woes have caused major havoc for the supplier, producer and veterinarian.


Is the problem over?

If 2021 has taught us one thing, it is that we can’t take for granted the importance of small items to prevent us from accessing the big item (think tiny chips in vehicles). For manufacturers, that kryptonite is in the cap, bottle, label, box and the API or other raw materials. Manufacturers and suppliers are carrying more inventory to cover the gap between delayed deliveries and increasing wages to maintain labor for production and fulfillment. The toilet paper crisis of 2020 taught consumers that stocking up in times of shortage further exacerbates the problem and proved the importance of continued relationships with trusted suppliers – even if we couldn’t always see the product sitting in our closet.

What is PIPESTONE Doing for You?

Let’s be honest, you have enough to worry about without the extra burden of wondering whether you will be able to get enough product to care for your pigs. At PIPESTONE, we take our obligation and responsibility to care for animals seriously and have taken the necessary steps to safeguard supply for you.



We have increased our inventory to ensure a consistent supply when you need it; preventing your need (and cost) to stock up.




We’ve strengthened relationships with multiple suppliers, from multiple countries, to further hedge our reliance on single sources or geopolitical risks.




Even with the above, market shortages inevitably occur. When they do, we guard our supply and provide product to customers with loyalty and historical use. This does not mean we turn away business, but it’s our commitment to protect our customers. And… it’s the golden rule of how we’d want to be treated.


Supply challenges will bleed into most of 2022. Flexibility on options and communication with your Pipestone Swine Resource team member or Veterinarian will continue to be key to minimizing issues. As always, thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your operation.


By: Joyce Radke

Purchasing Manager, Pipestone Veterinary Services