Springtime Sustainability Tips

Sustainability is a concept that has become increasingly important to large companies and national governments. However, most people don’t realize that sustainable practices can help you conserve resources and reduce waste at home as well. As we enter Spring, there are many activities that fit into sustainable living that would not only be environmentally beneficial but could be fiscally positive as well.


  • Purge unwanted items
    Spring cleaning is a chance to get rid of those items that are taking up space, using extra energy, or are just old and outdated. Separating items into trash, donate, and sell categories helps to make the process easy and, sometimes, lucrative.
  • Open the windows
    Opening the windows as early as possible and keeping them open as long as it is comfortable is an excellent way to reduce your energy use. Natural heating and cooling is always the most sustainable practice when the weather allows.
  • Plan a garden
    As we get ready to maximize the green space around our homes, some considerations would make your plot more sustainable. For example, including flowering pollinator plants is not only aesthetically pleasing but also helps to rejuvenate the threatened pollinator species population.
  • Fix and maintain
    We often find it easier to replace something that is a bit old or has minor damage. This habit has increased the amount of solid waste that ends up in landfills over the decades. The willingness to fix and maintain items reduces the strain on our waste management system and leaves a few extra bucks in your pocket.

Article by Tim Spade
Sustainability Manager