SwineTime Podcast- Bonus: APP SeroType

Dr. Bryan Myers has gained quite the experience and wisdom from being a veterinarian for the last 34 years. In these years, he has seen the serious effects of various diseases that have infected the swine industry. He is now seeing APP, an old disease that has resurfaced after almost 20 years in some of the most hog-dense areas of the Midwest. SwineTime Podcast host, Dr. Spencer Wayne, discusses what APP is, how serious the disease is, how it can affect your farm, what your treatment options look like, and what steps you can take to prevent APP from infecting your farm.

APP, also known as Actinobacillus Pleuropneumonia, is a bacteria that can cause severe rapid onset of death loss and pneumonia type symptoms in pigs. This disease is not new to the industry and may be recognized by those who have been in the swine industry for some time now. It is becoming more relevant now, due to recent resurgence mainly found in Iowa. This disease can have serious health effects on your entire operation.

 APP is often spread from nose-to-nose contact between each pig. It is also known to spread from the people and equipment found on farms. With this recent discovery, it only reinforces the importance of proper biosecurity and following all health and safety protocols.

While treatment for APP is not necessarily difficult, it is not a quick or cheap treatment. If you have detected this disease within your barn, you will need to act quickly and aggressively if you want to have any chance of stopping it. You will need to treat each pig with antibiotics. Fortunately, APP does respond to commonly used antibiotics.

Since APP most commonly effects pigs closer to market weight and older in age, the economic impact to your operation is more prevalent. This is because pigs are considered to be more valuable, and in turn, result in a higher loss if they become infected. Treatment is also more expensive due to having to treat each individual pig with antibiotics, therefore costing your operation more time and money.

If a farmer suspects APP on their farm, they should immediately call a veterinarian to receive a preliminary diagnosis. The veterinarian will then send tissues to conduct a laboratory diagnosis. During this time, you will need to work quickly to treat each individual pig.

Check out this episode with host, Dr. Spencer Wayne, and Dr. Bryan Myers, as they discuss how important it is to have an understanding of this disease and how you can prevent APP from entering your farm.

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