PART: Record, Review and Respond


Antibiotic Use & Antibiotic Resistance (amongst animal welfare and gestation stalls) is one of the top concerns that consumers have today with how their food is raised.  This concern has become evident with the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) recently going into effect, which discontinued the sub-therapeutic (growth promotion) use of medically important antibiotics and increased veterinary direction of therapeutic uses of medically important antibiotics.  We can all agree that the VFD was an important part in ensuring Responsible Antibiotic Use.  There are many other ways that producers today show Antibiotic Stewardship, such as using only the amount needed to treat the problem, and administering medication under the guidance of a Veterinarian.  However, there is one means that could take our Antibiotic Stewardship to the next level, which is tracking and benchmarking antibiotic use.

Pipestone Veterinary Services has a new offering called PART (Pipestone Antibiotic Resistance Tracker) that allows producers to Record, Review, & Respond for the Responsible use of Antibiotics.


How does PART get your antibiotic use information?  PART records the information for you by compiling your water soluble and injectable information from Pipestone Veterinary Services, as well as your feed med information from your feed mill.









PART then takes all of this information and displays it into easy to understand graphs, allowing you to review antibiotic use by site/group, cost comparison, anonymous benchmarking against other producers, and resistance patterns.










Now, with a better understanding of your antibiotic use, you can RESPOND by working with your Veterinarian to decide what changes in antibiotic use may improve your herd health, performance and bottom line.

A PART subscription includes:

  • All VFD’s per year
  • Annual Vet Visit for VCPR Compliance
  • Access to Web Based Tracker Providing:
    • Comprehensive antibiotic use (gm and $/hd)
    • Internal and external benchmarking
    • Quarterly vet review & consultation

Check out the video on the PART website for more information on how PART works, or contact Shawnie Wagner at 507.562.PIGS (7447).