2014 David Neuberger II Core Values Award Winner

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Each year, the Pipestone Management recognizes an employee who has made a significant, innovative and sustainable impact on the Pipestone Management companies and its clients with the David Neuberger II Core Values Award.  The award honors individuals who exhibit the company’s core values  – Integrity, Caring, Commitment, Growth, and Teamwork – in all aspects of work, family and community. 

On May 30th, 2014 at the Pipestone Management All Employee meeting, Dr. Gordon Spronk awarded Paul Ramsbey with the 2014 David Neuberger II Core Values Award.  Paul has worked for Pipestone Management for 18 years, and is currently the Director of Safety, Maintenance and Ventilation. 

“The David Neuberger II Core Values Award represents outstanding service to clients and agriculture in general,” said Dr. Spronk.  “Paul is a fantastic example of the Pipestone Management Core Values in action – at work and in the community.  He was nominated by fellow employees and the honor is very well deserved.”

Paul is a native of northern Indiana and a graduate of Purdue University.  He managed feed mills for Cargill and another company for 10 years, then moved to Minnesota to join the Pipestone Management in 1996.

He started with the company to develop a safety program and run two feed mills.  He’s seen a number of changes, both in the Pipestone Management and the technologies available to design, build, and maintain hog buildings.

“When I joined the Pipestone Management, there were about 75 employees with five farms all located in the Pipestone, Minnesota, area.  Now there are more than 750 employees and 50 farms in five states,” said Paul.

But more impressive than the growth is the advancements that he has seen in how buildings are designed and the technologies that are implemented to make them more efficient and provide better care for the animals inside. 

“We are constantly adopting new practices and technologies to keep pigs and the people who care for them healthier and more comfortable,” he said.  The most significant advancements have come in feed handling, measures to ensure biosecurity, and better ventilation systems.

Paul was also recognized for his work in the community.  He is married with two grown children.  He is active in his church, and enjoys motorcycling, camping and gardening.

He also is a member of the Patriot Guard Riders.  The all-volunteer motorcycle group was formed in 2005 to support families at military funerals by blocking the view of protest groups. The Patriot Guard Riders provide support at funerals, upon the family’s request, and their work has also expanded to include troop sendoffs, welcome home events, visiting veterans home, and activities to support active duty troops. 

“There were about 23,000 volunteers when I started, and now there are more than 200,000 across the country,” said Paul. “It shows how something very positive and supportive can grow out of a negative situation.”

The Patriot Guard Riders provide a valuable service and support to families during one of the most difficult times in their lives. 

“Paul’s work makes a difference in the lives of the families of fallen soldiers, as well as veterans, community members and others,” said Dr. Spronk.  “We’re proud to have him as a member of the Pipestone Management.”

Paul said he is honored to be recognized with the David Neuberger II Core Values Award, and appreciates the opportunity to remember David and his family.