Collecting Data for Science-Driven Decisions

DeephotoIn November of 2011, the Pipestone Veterinary Clinic hired Dr. Scott Dee as its director of research. Dr. Dee made his reputation as a national and international expert in applied disease-control research, with an emphasis on PRRS virus control and elimination. After practicing veterinary medicine for 12 years in Morris, Minn, Dr. Dee then joined the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine as a professor for 12 years. The last five of those years, he served as director of the university’s Swine Disease Eradication Center.

Along the way, Dr. Dee met Dr. Gordon Spronk and began working with a number of Pipestone Veterinary Clinic clients to prevent the spread of PRRS. “The more familiar I became with the Clinic, the more I realized how science-driven it was and how its veterinarians depend on data to make decisions for their clients,” he explains. “That’s why I wanted to come to work for the Clinic.”

As director of research, Dr. Dee leads the Clinic’s research committee in deciding what to research, where to apply research funds and the best sites to conduct that research. Other committee members include Dr. Joel Nerem, Dr. Barry Kerkaert, Dr. Luke Minion, Dr. Cameron Schmidt and Mr. Dan Hanson, who manages the clinic’s research projects.