Growing in the System

final editPipestone Management is a business full of opportunity and growth, and there is no better example of this than Oscar Larios.  Oscar was recently hired as Pipestone’s Training Manager in Human Resources, but he started with Pipestone Management back in 2009.

Oscar Larios grew up in Denver, Colorado, and he and his family moved to Willow Lake, SD when he was 14.  He was involved in FFA his junior and senior year in high school, was on the Farm Business Management Team, and also participated in land judging.  Oscar admits that the first thing that brought him to work at Pipestone Management was the scheduling.  “I had the choice to work as much as I could and wanted,” stated Oscar.  He started working in the barns doing processing, power washing, and eventually helping the gestation barns to shuffle and breed.  “Overall, it was a great first experience with Pipestone.”  In 2011, Oscar moved away for college and found a different job.  While plugging away at classes for a degree in criminal justice, Oscar worked at a dairy as a milker, and as a calf caretaker.

In April of 2014, Oscar once again turned to Pipestone Management for another career challenge and began working at the truck wash for Pipestone Transport.  Another opportunity became available when he accepted the Training Manager position at Pipestone Management.  He had work experience at the barns, understood the protocols, and best of all, was fluent in Spanish.  Oscar’s new role will help facilitate communication between Pipestone and current Spanish speaking employees, as well as potential employees for the System.  Currently, Oscar is working hard on translating all training materials so that non-English speakers can understand, and successfully complete them.

Pipestone Management is excited to welcome Oscar Larios as part of the Human Resources team.  ¡Bienvenido Oscar!