Kemin Host 2016 Swine Forum on Risk Management

On May 25th the Kemin Risk Management Team, led by Dr. Mark Bienhoff, hosted the 2017 Swine Forum, at the Iowa FFA Enrichment Center. The successful event provided a platform for interactive, facilitated discussion with respect to fundamental industry biosecurity and risk management concerns.  Attendance at the forum represented leading industry swine production managers, feed mill managers and industry researchers.  The venue not only provided valuable information for customer and industry attendees, but also allowed Kemin to garner important insights for the future positioning and long-term growth of the risk management platform.  Information presented during the meeting highlighted the important role risk management products, like Sal CURB®, will play in the future of protein production as over-sight increases in response to consumer food safety concerns. In addition to the meeting dialog, the forum allowed for Kemin to recognize our partnership with Dr. Scott Dee, Director of Research for Pipestone Applied Research, and his significant work in regards to feed ingredient risk management and mitigation strategies.

01253_SOW Swine Summit Team Photo_Edited_05.25.16Pictured (R to L): Dr. Mark Bienhoff, Stacey Noe, Dr. Scott Dee, Sean Moore, Kristi Krafka and Dillon Mellick