MyPipestone to Improve Our People & Farms

AdamSThe Pipestone Management has officially launched a Web-based teaching tool called MyPipestone that offers consistent on-demand education for employees. The courses and educational materials on My Pipestone will provide basic knowledge for new hires as well as continuing education and career advancement to seasoned employees. Content of this on-demand educational tool will consist of proprietary courses developed by Pipestone Management staff.

“Each Pipestone employee is assigned a username and password, and all system farms will have high-speed Internet, so employees can log on at work as well as at home to work with the learning materials,” says Dr. Adam Schelkopf, MyPipestone project leader.

As part of their orientation, new employees will use MyPipestone to learn the System’s animal welfare policy and the PQA welfare policy as well as biosecurity for the sow farms, safety, animal husbandry, and animal health education. Through MyPipestone, users may access a large library of production courses developed specifically for the Pipestone Management and its protocols. Other courses offered by the program range from advanced training in computer programs such as Excel and Word to financial training and team exercises.

“Individual employees have education development plans designed specifically for them, based on their employment position and career aspirations,” explains Dr. Schelkopf. “Participation in MyPipestone will directly impact each employee’s annual performance review and career advancement opportunities.” The System’s staff intends to add new courses monthly, he adds.

Employees and shareholders of the Pipestone Management should be excited about MyPipestone as an educational tool because:

  1. It will give individuals desiring to advance an opportunity to explore different positions and move forward.
  2. It will elevate the performance of our farms, our people, and the Pipestone Management.

“Continual education like My Pipestone is a great way to improve the way we teach, measure our success, and reward motivated employees,” says Dr. Schelkopf, who anticipates the new training website will launch by June 1.

“I want to thank the System staff employees who participated in this initial program testing and gave positive feedback to help make the program a success,” he concludes.