Pipestone Adds New Vet to Team


Pipestone Veterinary Services has historically proven its commitment to providing its clients with the best services and products available, and the future will prove no differently.  Pipestone Veterinary Services (PVS) is proud to announce the addition of Dr. Scott VanderPoel to their team of professional and experienced veterinarians.  Dr. VanderPoel grew up just south of Pipestone, MN on a farm where his parents, Doug and Julie VanderPoel, raise cattle and row crops.  Scott graduated from South Dakota State University with a degree in animal science.  “I enjoy working with people and animals,” stated Dr. VanderPoel, “this profession gives me the best opportunity to work with both, as well as the opportunity to make a difference for both.”

Surprisingly, this will not be Dr. VanderPoel’s first time working at Pipestone Veterinary Services.  Throughout high school and even college, he worked as part of the customer service team and assisted veterinarians out in the field or at the sale barn.  It is this experience that gave him the exposure and confidence to pursue veterinary medicine as a career.

“We hired Scott to continue to improve the quality of service we can provide to our customers.  Because Scott grew up in Pipestone and worked with us prior to going to vet school, we know him well and have tremendous confidence in his values, work ethic, and commitment to the profession,” stated Dr. Luke W. Minion.  It turns out Dr. Minion is not the only one excited about the addition.

“It is a dream come true for Doug and I, that Scott, Jessie, and Drake will be coming home to Pipestone.” states Julie VanderPoel.  “It is a good town with good people.  We knew that no matter where they lived they would work hard and be an asset.  I am so very glad it worked out they could be here.  We truly are blessed to have all of our family so close.”

When asked why he chose Pipestone Veterinary Services out of any other clinic, Dr. VanderPoel said, “I really enjoy working with the people at PVS, the people in the community, and having family close.  PVS was the correct decision for our family.”  Dr. Vanderpoel and his wife, Jessie and son, Drake are excited to move back close to home after his graduation from the University of Minnesota in May.

Pipestone Veterinary Services is a full-service source for professional services and animal healthcare products.  Their three locations in Pipestone, Minnesota; Independence, Iowa; and Ottumwa, Iowa provide convenient services to their mixed animal customer base.