Producer Preparations for an FDA audit at your farm

The FDA inspector will likely tell you the specific VFD that they randomly selected which prompted a visit to your farm – be prepared with details on that VFD / group of pigs such as:

  • How long did you medicate the pigs? Does this match up with the duration listed by your veterinarian on the VFD?
  • You may need to contact your feed mill to get medication records.
  • Did you stop feeding the medicated feed prior to the expiration date on the VFD?
  • Does the number of animals you medicated match up with the number of animals listed on the VFD?
  • Did you follow the appropriate slaughter withdrawal period?
  • Did you follow any special instructions or caution statements on the VFD?
  • If a combination VFD feed (two drugs) was fed, was it used consistent with the directions on the VFD order?

Evidence of a veterinary – client – patient relationship (notes, email, visitor log signature from veterinarian)

Have all VFD documents from the last two years readily available on the day of the audit?

Have all treatment records (water medication & injectable medication) available from the last year?

Additional suggestions if you grind your own feed:

  • Keep feed tags and labels – have available during FDA inspection
  • Keep mixing records – have available during FDA inspection
  • Make a courtesy call to your mill and veterinarian regarding your upcoming audit

There may be additional requirements if you are also classified as a “Distributor” (have an on-farm feed mill and feed someone else’s pigs) such as copies of acknowledgment letters, and evidence that you submitted an “intent to distribute” with the FDA (one time document).

Please contact your herd veterinarian at Pipestone if you have additional questions or would like to discuss further in preparation for an FDA visit.

How do you RECORD, REVIEW, and RESPOND for Responsible Antibiotic use?

Let PART be the tool for your Responsible Use of Antibiotics.

Download a printable version to have available at the farm and be ready when the FDA audit comes.