How do I know if a VFD is needed?

VFD’s are required for feed antibiotics that are in the category of being “important” to human medicine.  Your veterinarian and feed mill manager will let you know if a VFD is required.
***A detailed list is provided at the bottom of the page

 How long is a VFD valid for?

The duration a VFD is valid for depends on the drug and ranges from three to six months.  According to the FDA, VFD’s can be used one time per group and can be written at the site level.  The Pipestone veterinarian team encourages VFD’s to be written to the group level.  This demonstrates more judicious use of antibiotics, provides better clarity to feed mills, as well as allows better antibiotic stewardship.
Note: “Refills” for a group will not be available by law.

What information do I need for the VFD?

In order to write a VFD, you will need the following information:
· Producer Contact Information

  • Animal Location Address
  • **provided upon first order, then stored for future use
  • Feed Mill
  • Drug Name and Number of Animals to Feed
  • Group Number (encouraged but not required)

 Who do I contact to get a VFD?

  •  Talk with your Veterinarian
  • Contact Pipestone Customer Service for your VFD
  • We work with your feed mill

What drugs will require VFD’s?

 Does NOT need a VFD

  • Tiamulin (Denagard)
  • Narasin (Skycis)
  • Ractompamine (Paylean)
  • BMD
  • Bambermycin (Flavomyin)
  • Carbadox (Mecadox)

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